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Q: Why should I be a member of ECS?


A: As a patient this allows you to legally receive a significant discount on your care that you would otherwise have to pay the full rate billed to insurances.

Q: Is this an insurance plan?

A: No, a DMPO is a discount plan, not an insurance plan, it allows you to receive reduction of the fee your provider charges. In some states it is required to be at least 25% discount from the normal and customary charges, but often it is even more than 25%. You are responsible to pay the office visit fees at a rate your doctor's office chooses. Check with us if you would like to know what your state requires.

Q: Can I use my personal health care insurance at the same time as ECS to help lower my cost?

A: No, you can only use either your health insurance or a discount medical plan not both at the same time. Often traditional insurance either has a high deductible or high copay and it actually costs less to use the discounted rates offered by using a DMPO. You can switch from one to the other at any point, for example, if you finally meet your deductible mid-year you can switch off the DMPO and use your traditional insurance or if you get in an automobile accident you can suspend the use of your DMPO until you are released from your automobile accident case.

Q: Can I use Medicare and a DMPO at the same time?

A: Yes, in certain situations this is allowed by Medicare. If your care has been deemed as wellness or maintenance care Medicare does not cover the treatment and you are allowed to sign up for a discounted rate through a discount medical plan (DMPO.) Another instance it is appropriate to use a DMPO with Medicare insurance is when the patient receives therapy or modality treatment along with the adjustment (electric muscle stimulation, therapeutic exercises, and so on) while not having a secondary insurance. A patient can not receive a discounted rate on this part of the treatment even though Medicare doesn't cover it unless they sign up for a DMPO. A supplemental insurance is not a secondary insurance, so it is still appropriate to use a DMPO with Medicare and a supplemental insurance.

Q: Can I use my health savings account to pay for the health care I receive while using my ECS membership?

A: You can use your HSA for all expenses related to your care (you can pay for your visit or treatment), but you must pay your annual membership fee with money NOT from your HSA.

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