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Efficient Care Solutions has designed a system to save patients money through a legal membership program.

In today's health care climate of rules and regulations health care providers have worked to find a way to help keep costs down for their patients. That's why your provider who cares about how much the cost of your treatment could be a burden on you chose ECS to lower your fees legally.

We realize many patients have insurance that does not cover some or all of their chiropractic care because of high deductibles, visit limits, insurance denials or no chiropractic coverage within the plan. Because we care and want you to be able to receive the care you need we have found a way to legally discount the fee that is charged to patients while still maintaining the same quality of care that would be provided to any other patient.


We use a discount medical plan to legally contract lower rates for you as a self-paying patient. This way the office will not be illegally reducing fees and we can offer all of the combinations of chiropractic care and other modalities that is best for your care at a rate that is much more affordable.

Please ask us about the program and we will be glad to explain it to you.








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